How to Fix SMTP Email Issues in Xera and MOFH-R Hosting Management System in 2 Easy Steps​

Are you facing SMTP email problems while using Xera, the hosting account and support management system designed for MyOwnFreeHost (MOFH)?


You’re not alone. Many users have encountered issues with SMTP functionality, leading to email sending failures. Fortunately, I’ve identified a simple fix that can resolve these issues and get your emails flowing smoothly.

1. Modify test_mail() Function in mailer.php:

In the app/models/mailer.php file of Xera, locate the test_mail() function. Replace




and then in same file in function __construct()

just after




This change ensures that emails are sent to the correct sender address, fixing SMTP errors related to recipient addresses.

2. Update newline Setting in email.php:

Navigate to system/libraries/email.php in your Xera installation.

Search for $newline and change

public $newline = "\n";


public $newline = "\r\n";

This adjustment aligns with RFC 822 standards and resolves SMTP issues related to newline characters that causes SMTP email delivery failed issues.

Applicability to MOFH-R:

The fix mentioned above not only applies to Xera but also to MOFH-R, another cPanel solution developed by the same author. By implementing these changes, you can ensure reliable SMTP email functionality across both platforms.


With these simple modifications, you can overcome SMTP email problems in Xera and MOFH-R, enhancing the overall email sending experience for your hosting management needs.

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